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Algebra: 2.3 Variation
Self Examination Questions Question 1
Q.1) Examine whether the following sentences are mathematical statements or not (give reasons) :
(i) The sun is a star
(ii) Go to the market.
(iii) Who is the chief-minister of West Bengal?
(iv) The prime factors of 15 are 3 and 5.
(v) May God bless you!
(vi) How nice the building is!
(viii) x2–x+6=0 (viii) The roofs of 2x2–3x–5 = 0 are 1 and -5/2

(i) The sun is a star, it is mathematical statement, as it is always true
(ii) Go to market, is not, as it is order given so no mathematical statement.
(iii) Who is chief-minister of West Bengal?
No, it is not mathemtical statement as it is question
(iv) The prime factor of 15 are 3 and 5.
It is a statement which is always true, so it is mathematical statement.
(v) May God bless you!
No, it is not mathematical statement as it is blessing
(vi) How nice building is!
It is exclamatory statement so no material reasoning.
(vii) x2–x+6=0
It is true for some value of x and false for some value of x, so it is not mathematical statement.
(viii) The roofs of 2x2–3x–5 = 0 are 1 and -5/2
The given statement is alwys false so it is mathematical statement.

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